Friday, November 27, 2009

Giving Thanks...

I was a little stressed...OK...a lot stressed to have the Thanksgiving meal at our house this year. But in the end, everyone was happy, relaxed, and perfectly pleasant to be around!

I am thankful for my kiddos and my strangely blended family.
I am thankful for healthy food...and the fact that I learned how to enjoy Thanksgiving as a vegetarian. Never thought that would happen!
I am thankful for my clean house and all of the little helpers that made it that way...just because they knew it was important to me.
I am thankful for this day. A day off. A day of rest. A day to enjoy one minute at a time!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Finn!!

If I had to call one of my children a WILD CHILD...this would be the one. He is smart and funny and oh so energetic. He talks non-stop. I mean NON STOP. His blue eyes sparkle when he's happy and when he is sad...there is nothing more pitiful. He is also my very sensitive little guy. He doesn't understand why anyone would be mean...ever and he gets crushed when someone is unkind to him. Lucky for him, everyone seems to love him!! His excitement for life is quite contagious!!

Happy birthday to you my little love bug. I love you to the moon and around the world and back.