Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One Word Wednesday...


(this is usually my wordless or one word wendesday.  not supposed to talk so i'll whisper very quietly.)

this lovely plant, given to me by my sister on Thanksgiving, just bloomed.  i almost killed it.  well actually my cat almost killed it...but i almost let it die.  then for some reason, i panicked and refused to let it go. i nursed it and cared for it and it literally came out it's shell of darkness and sickness.  what i thought would never bloom, grew into this little bunch of lovely. 
and i was sooo happy to see that she survived. 

there's a parallel here.  this year, i'm refusing to let the winter make me sick. 
 i feel a bloom coming on myself...a little earlier than expected.  i'm excersizing and eating well. maybe that little plant inspired me to take care of myself, too! 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Best Friends

(Ava, Stella, and Finn)

Finn and I have had many conversations about friends.  (Above is a picture of his best friend, Ava. )
Friends are soo extremely important  to children.  As Finn explains, school is really only bearable because you get to see your friends everyday.  And recess of course.  Recess and friends make school tolerable for my little guy.

Twice last week, Finn got off the bus with a cloud of fury and frustration over his head.  When I asked about his day, he proceded to tell me why he was so uptight and out of sorts.  The first cloudy day, he explaied that his good friend Will was being mean to him because he wants to play with Ava all the time.  They went back and forth a while and Finn seemed tormented because Will wouldn't play with him while he was playing with Ava.  Will gave him an ultimatum of sorts and said, "Either you play with her or with me."  So in his diplomatic way, he devised a plan of action.  He made a schedule.  M-W he would play with Ava.   T-Th he would play with Will.  Fridays would be up for grabs.  He would flip a coin or something.  While he wasn't totally thrilled with this idea, he presented it to his friends and all agreed to a trial period. 

Enter 2nd day of frustration....
As luck would have it, Will only lasted a  couple of days before he started picking on Finn and Ava on "Ava's day".  According to Finn, Will and another little boy were calling Ava names and "treating her like a dog."  Finn and I discussed the situation and after listening to Finn's frustration I asked him what he would like to do.  He said, "I'd like to punch him in his face."  And I said, "Not an option.  What else you got?"  He thought about it and decided that he would try to talk to Will again.

On Friday, Finn got off the bus with a spring in his step and a smile on his face.  When I asked how his day went, he let loose the deluge.  He shot a barrel full of words in my direction.  (the boy talks so fast sometimes it makes my brain bleed)   Even though I was having trouble keeping up, I was able to make out 3 major things:

1.  He told Will that he would no longer stand for his mistreatment  of Ava.  He would have to be kind to her or lose Finn's friendship.  Period.
2.  Will agreed to be nice to Ava and to try to play with her sometimes too.
3.  Ava told Finn he was a very good friend, and thanked him.

 Finn seemed to gush with an overwhelming sense of pride and satisfaction.  And I was sort of shocked and amazed by the fact that my small (in size not in spirit) child was able to stand up for himself and his friend in such an passionate yet peaceful way.

Kids amaze me.  I have heard that our children are way more "evolved" that we are.  And that their children will be even more so.  I believe it.  While I'd like to think I taught him those things, I'm afraid I can't take any credit.  At all.  The boy was flying on instinct and intuition.  And those are two things he's had to develop on his own....on the playground jungle.  While I'm sure there will be days when he doesn't win the battle, I feel so good about the fact that he can handle the war. 

ROCK ON FINN!!  I love you my little justice warrior!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One Word Wednesday...


(yeah, i couldn't pick just one!)

Thursday, February 10, 2011



Hailey had a great birthday this year.  She even wrote me a note telling me so.  It was very sweet and heartfelt, too.  I love that girl.  I love that last picture up there because it speaks LOADS about her personality.  She NEVER wants center stage.  She gladly hands that off to her siblings.  She would rather just kind of blend in with the crowd!  She loves to be around people and she loves to laugh...but she doesn't ever want to be the center of attention for more than a second or two.   (yes that it stella opening one of hailey's presents.)

She's still doing her gymnastics too!  I need to get new photos of her new routines.   I will post those soon!  I've written a few times about her anxiety and her beam "situation" the last couple of years.  She seems to be slowly overcoming her fear of the beam and she got an 8.95 at her last meet.  THAT IS HUGE.   I wasn't even there to see it.  Her Dad had to tell me all about it.  I cried, of course.  I was sooo happy for her.   She was kinda beaming  (haha) when she came home.  She ended up taking 5th place on beam and 5th place on bars. Yeehaw!! 
ANYWAY....all in all, her 16th year is starting out in a FANTASTIC way. 

Happy Birthday Hailo!!  You have taught me soo much about being a Mom and perhaps most importantly...about how to listen.  I love you to infinity.  I won't write all of the mushy stuff in this space...i wrote it in a letter to you instead.  Thanks for you being you kiddo.  You are my sunshine.
 (and the most courageous person i know!)