Thursday, October 27, 2011

52 photos project

Theme: A memory.

This is a bittersweet memory...but mostly a sweet one.

The girl still loves her kitty.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Birthday EGL!!

Stella is soooo excited to be turning 5. 
She has been counting down the days for a while! 
 Five is pretty fantastic!

But then was this little baby

and this little crazy toddler...

and this 1.5 yr old earth angel....

and this Goodship Lollipop 2 yr old...

and this little punkin head 3 yr old...

and this 4 yr old balloon girl...

and NOW
 she is my sweet little 5 year old fairy princess!!!!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

52 Photos Project

Theme:  WATER

I wanted to take a really dreamy water photo...but it isn't as easy as I'd hoped!!  I needed a tripod and  some time to experiment!
I did kind of like this one though.  Mostly because it looks like a freaky face if you look at it the right way.
I also like this one but the crop is a little off...

I am definitley gonna have to work more on the enchanted looking water shots!!  I'm going to start scouting out water falls in the area!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

52 Photos Project

This week's theme:   A Ray of Light

I thought a lot about the theme this week.  Light is the key to any good photo.  Or the control of light, I should say.  If you break photography down to it's roots, photo means light and graphy means to write.  To write with light.  There is so much beauty in that I just can't stand it. 

Here, Stella is sitting at the vanity in her room.  The light situation in  there is pretty bad.  There was only one main source of light (small lamp) and some existing sunlight floating around.  I had to bump up ISO and deal with a lot of grain BUT I really like how it turned out.  I guess she's my little muse most of the time.  She makes writing with light pretty fun!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Big Job

I just got asked to take the fall photos
for Open Door School! 
It's a big deal. 
I'm so scared and excited
I don't know what to do with myself. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Flower Fairy

Today, we found the perfect location for her birthday invite photo shoot.  Right on the side of  I485.  Yep, pulled off on the shoulder and hauled her right up to this field of flowers.  It was Nick's idea and I was a combo of scared and excited at first.  But, it was plenty far away from traffic and she LOVED it.  This shot won't be on the invitation because that needs to be a surprise...but I love it. 
Today was  a good day! 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Delanee and Mallory

I love these little girls. 
 Delanee and Mallory.

When I first got separated and was living through some of the
 deepest, darkest days of my life,  I stayed with my friend Heather
(aka Cheddar to those of us who love her)
and her husband Ed during my nights away from my kids. 
Having to stay away from my kids a couple nights a week made me really sick. 
Couldn't eat or sleep much for a long time.
Cheddar made me stay with her. 
I'm so glad I did. 
I got to know these punkins really well when they were tiny. 
 Poor Delanee had to get to know me REALLY quickly
the night her mama went into labor with Mallory.  
I took her home with me so that we could take care of her until Ched was well
 (She had some serious complications immediately
after labor and was very sick.  Ed was a wreck and stayed with her.)
Once that was over and divorce was under way,
I continued to stay with them pretty regularly.
I slept on their couch and did many midnight feedings with Mally-boo.
Once or twice when Ed was out of town I just slept with Ched. 
 And we were all, "not it" when Mallie woke up during the wee hours.  Hahaa!

Seems like such a long time ago. 
I don't miss much about those dark days...
but I do miss these two. (and their parents)
 I don't get to see them that much nowadays.

So glad I got to see them this past weekend...
and so grateful to hear them scream
"AUNT SUZY'S HERE!!!" everytime they see me.


52 Photos Project

The theme for this week is....

I Found it on the Ground

This past weekend, I had a photoshoot with a dear old friend from elementary school.  I got to shoot her and her sweet family (along with her big sister and her two kids).  There were three kids in all.  Two boys and one girl.   The youngest boy (9) was pretending to be a secret agent and was being very careful to go back and cover his footsteps everywhere he went. He was cracking me up.  He pretented to have a rather large assault weapon at one point and  while he was pretending to shoot his brother,  I heard him yell out, "POW!!"  I swear, right at that moment I looked down and this was written on the sidewalk. 
 (he thought it was pretty funny...and i'm pretty sure he had already seen it...but still...cracked me up.)

I had to use it for 52 photos.  It was too perfect. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Quotes from the Littles

 Here is a little collection of interesting comments I have heard in the last couple of weeks: 

"Things are going to be a LOT better when I'm 10.  I just know it."  F

While listening to QUEEN..."Why don't they make music this good now?" H (When those words rang in my ears, my heart sang out like Freddie himself.  Loved it.)

"Why does that OTHER Stella have to be in MY class?" S

To math teacher..."Um. Mr. Mahoney, can you PLEASE fix my grades on Parent Assist because my parents really believe what's on there and NOT what I tell them."  M

Call from school..."Mom.  Can you bring me some clothes?" 
Me- WHY?
"Because I'm wearing a shirt that has lace and they are telling me it's inappropriate."  M  ( never in a million years did i expect to hear that from HER.)

"I have all As again Mom!! Even in Art History!"  H

"I am pregnant."   S
 "is it two this time?" Me  
"Not this time.  This time it's only one.  And it's a unicorn named Horse Juice"  S    (oookaayyyyy)

"Mom I think there is something wrong with my body on the inside."  M

"Yeah Reese likes this girl named Sarah.  But she doesn't like him." F
 "who does she like?" me
"Me, of course."  F

"Everybody needs to be quiet and NOT talk during this GLEE party, GOT IT???"  H

On my way to parent/teacher conference..."Oh he's probably going to tell you something bad." F   LIKE WHAT?? Me  
"Oh you know...they always tell you a couple of good things and one crappy thing that i'm gonna have to work on."  F

 Phone call 30 minutes after school has let out..."Hello? Mom?  Can you come pick us up?" M
"sure but i will be late as usual, i have to get hailey" 
"Okay... and can you take Kate and Alana and Savannah home too?"   
"Oh. And Mom, Blaise really needs a ride, too."

Dear LORD. 

I'm trying to remember to write down some of the goofy stuff they say. 
There's more.  I just can't remember right now.