Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Happy Bunch!!!

This week was crazy busy but I did manage to get some great shots of my new class! And that makes me happy. They made me happy too. They are loud, ask a million questions, haven't yet learned how to follow rules and directions...BUT after five whole days, I was hooked. Little rascals!
I look forward to learning more and more about these little souls.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Week Day 3!

I think flowers will always make me happy. I recently starting taking photos of the flowers I am given for special occasions. I want to remember the beauty long after it fades.
So many kinds. So many colors. I love them all!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Week Day 2!

Eating out makes me happy. I wish I could say that cooking makes me really happy. I do like to cook. I enjoy finding yummy new recipes. BUT no two members of my family seem to enjoy the same kinds of foods and that makes cooking quite challenging. SO I absolutely LOVE to eat out.

Here is one of my favorite meals these days. Veggie spring rolls and edamame from CREATION. ( a lovely little restaurant in Plaza Midwood)

Sunday, August 16, 2009


This summer has been great, but it has also been very sad. I have lost both of my Grandmothers this summer. My maternal Grandmother died on Thursday and we spent the weekend in Boone, NC saying goodbye.
School starts TOMORROW and I am a little stressed out.

So Happy Week could not have come at a better time! Please check out the other happy folks here! Thanks Lisa for being such a lovely host!

We spent a nice long time in the TOY STORE today and I'm so happy that I had my camera because as I was standing there, looking at all of the wonderful things, I suddenly thought
Toy stores always make me feel happy! I get new ideas for teaching, see gift ideas for my kids, and I always see something that makes me think..."When I was a child...." Nothing jump starts the imagination like TOYS!

And of course...Stella loves toys too!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This week is my first week back to work! My lovely summer is over! No more lazy days for me! Up early. Rush out of the door. Put happy face on to work with 15 other people. Workshop after workshop after workshop. I managed to make it two full days without feeling overwhelmed. Then, last night, it hit me. I almost lost it completely. I had to call a friend and vent for a bit.

Kindergarten orientation is Friday morning and we haven't have one single second to work in our classrooms. Our principal scheduled a workshop ...Every. Single. Day. By the end of the day today, I wanted to claw my eyeballs out (instead of listen to things I have heard over and over and over) and we still have three workshops to go. NOT GOOD. I am trying not to cry about the fact that I will be at school ALL DAY tomorrow and tomorrow night so that I can get my room ready. (Should I mention that I already have a parent conference at 2:00 on Friday AND that we have a FAMILY PICNIC at school on Saturday?) AAAGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!

So here I am at home. I am sitting on the couch preparing for a nice long walk that I hope will restore my soul. I am going to try and ground myself first so that I might actually be able to hear the birds and smell the grass.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Lines on my face.

I don't know what is going on in my body these days but all I seem to notice are these lines on my face. I was very happy to turn 40 a month maybe this is just a little delayed reaction. I want to be happy and giddy and silly and playful. I want to glow and shine from within and all of that good warm fuzzy stuff.
But no. I have been in a slump for days. A big fat feel sorry for myself selfish slump. All because I feel old and ugly.
I have got to snap out of it!!!!