Bucket List

My Bucket List

1.  Take kids on a tropical vacation
2.  Go on a Mediterranean cruise
3.  Own a home again
4.  Plant a garden...a really dreamy one
5.  Do lots of art
6.  Take tons of pictures and make a living at it!
7.  Climb a mountain
8.  Become a really good cook.  Veggie foods galore.
9.  Homeschool one or more of my kids for a while
10.  Visit a Rainforest
11.  Go see the Monarch Migration in Mexico
12.  Be a Grandma
13.  Take Yoga classes
14.  Be a part of some big Kindness/Peace project
15.  Photograph a home birth
16.  Photograph children who are terminally ill or premies who may not make it ...all for free of course
17.  Be debt free
still a work in progess...but for now...this is what i've come up with!