Monday, October 26, 2009


I have had a hard time seeing clearly the last couple of months. It seems as if everything has been slightly out of focus. I have been extremely frustrated with my attempts to get a clear, sharp image.
Fall is a time of great resistance for me. Even though it happens every year, I still can't seem to remember this time each year that my insanity is only a cyclical thing. ( I sure hope anyway!!) I dislike fall in it's beginning stages because I cannot seem to see the beauty that is there. I view it negatively and view it as a time of endings, departures and deaths. The end of summer brings great sadness for me as the days get shorter, the sun fades faster, the kids go back to school, and I go back to work. Fall also means that cold weather is lurking around the corner and adding a sluggish gray cast to my clear and sunny happy place.
This weekend I was finally able to snap out of it a little! On Saturday, we celebrated Stella's 3rd birthday at the park with friends. On Sunday, we carved our pumpkins and went on a fall photo walk. I had the most fun I've had in months!
While I still dread the thought of cold air moving in and taking over, I am going to try to be present and enjoy the crisp, cool fresh air of fall. I am going to try to see the beautiful colors while they last and I am going to try to spend lots of time outside while the weather is still inviting.
I think I can finally say, "Happy Fall ya'll" and mean it!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Estella Grace!!

Happy birthday sweet little angel baby girl. Three years ago you made your debut in the most polite way possible. You came two weeks early because I was tired of waiting. You kept your weight down so that I might not feel the same stress and discomfort I did with those other three! You nursed well and slept well, so that I could finally, finally get some sleep at night.
Without ever helped me to mend a hurt relationship by throwing charms of unending adoration and affection towards my daddy. (You had your Grandpa hooked as soon as you could reach for him. He ADORES you!)
You continue to add to our lives each day by reminding us that little things bring GREAT joy. Thank you for being you baby girl. You add just the right spice to our lives.

We love you so much!!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

come back

I am desperate to make my "come back" this week. I have been away far too long and I am feeling as if it's time to play some more. I put the camera away for a while. Wedding stress, school stress, family But I am in desperate need of some me time so I am going to try and write AT LEAST once a week for a while!

So we have mostly been celebrating soccer on the weekends. Maddy's team is undefeated. She is playing her best soccer ever. Finn's team is undefeated too!! He is so focused this year. They are both loving soccer this year and I have to's the most fun I've ever had watching. I know it's not about winning...but man it's exciting!

Tuesday is Stella's birthday. She is so excited and happy about it! She wants pink presents and a pink cake. She is anxiously awaiting her "Pink Park Party" this weekend where she will have all of the pink she's been dreaming of!! Will have lots of photos post party...I feel certain.

I am taking all 4 to see Where the Wild Things Are. You know this movie is very special to us because Finn played the lead in the school play last spring. He was Max in all of his wolf suit glory. I have tried to let him know that this Hollywood version will probably be NOTHING at all like the book....and NOTHING like his play...but it still should be very enjoyable. Nothing like larger-than-life characters and tons of popcorn! (I will be sure to tell you what I really think of the movie later.)

So...we're off to see the movie! Back soon. For real.