Tuesday, December 6, 2011

First Dance Recital

Getting ready.  
 (And looking scared enough to make me tear up.)

Following Ms. Amanda

Getting the hang of it.  (most of them anyway...hahaha)



So cute I can't stand it.  She had a great day and was SO proud of herself when she was all done!

(poor babe's lips were so chapped she was licking her lips in most of her dance photos.  the last picture is a combo of chapped and chocolate tootsie pop.)

**Flowers curtesy of her Daddy, Dadoo and Duck** 


amy lou said...

Precious ...love all her flowers! !"

Monique said...

So sweet. I just posted photos of our first recital. Almost the same costume and minus the snow.

Daricia said...

oh my gosh how sweet!! precious pictures.