Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring. Love,Grow, and Heal.

I love spring. VERY VERY MUCH. I always feel hopeful and warm and my spirits start to lift as I begin to put dreams into a more realistic composition. Spring is productive for me. I come out of hibernation with a new plan of attack for work, home, life.

As winter melted away this year, Nick and I decided to walk through some long overdue issues. Most of which had to do with my fears of him leaving me for someone younger. It's taken 4.5 years of his trust, devotion and loyalty to make me realize he might actually be happy living here with me and all of my children. (deep rooted issues here I tell you...)

Nick is a very interesting guy. He is the first (and only) person I've ever met that really knows how to listen to children. I mean REALLY listen when they aren't even speaking. He is extremely intuitive, highly sensitive, and very spiritually motivated. I have been sort of in awe of him at times and that feels weird to me. He's younger than I am. I'm supposed to be older and wiser! I think I've been jealous of him on more than one occasion.

The truth is...we are a very good balance. If you look at us from an astrological stand point, I was born in an early life cycle and he was born in a later life cycle. Which means we are really about the same age...according to the stars anyway! At least that's how I like to look at it! After realizing that I was letting age be too much of an issue, we decided to talk about commitment.

SO we had to hash things out honestly, lay all feeling right out there on the table...and figure out what to do with our future. We decided that since we are both completely committed to our family, and totally loving each other...we should probably get married one of these days. (I actually want to get married again. OMG.)

All of this spring cleaning left us feeling so light weight and carefree that guess what???

We got pregnant.

My 4o year old body is going to have another baby. And I think I'm very excited about that.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tree Fort Solitude

I went outside the other day and I saw Finn...sitting in a tree...reading a book.

I totally get the feeling. I have needed a little time and space to myself lately too.

(notice the bow and arrow hanging right beside him...you know...just in case there are invaders.)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Will and Lexi!!!!

I'm getting very excited about photography again! A dear, old friend asked me to do a photo shoot with her son and his cousin. I'm SO glad I did!! These two were soo much fun. They made me feel happy and young and free to be me! Thank you guys... for lighting a new spark!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Home Sweet Home

The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.
Maya Angelou

We went out of town this weekend, as we have many times, for a gymnastics meet. We enjoyed the travel, we enjoyed the hotel, and we enjoyed the gymnastics. But MAN was I glad to get home.

As we were driving and getting closer and closer to home, Nick kept counting down the miles like a little kid. He got so excited when we got to the North Carolina state line. It made me think about traveling when I was little.

We used to travel a lot when I was a little, little girl. My Daddy worked for Eastern Airlines "back in the day" and we got to fly for free. We got to go to all kinds of cool places and spend lots of time in airports, hotels and even rental cars. As much as I loved our adventures, there was nothing I loved more than heading home and seeing our little skyline come into view. I loved watching the buildings become larger and larger. I loved watching the earth closely until the bugs became cars and the tiny cracks became highways.

I remember a few trips with long layovers and long flights...and how good it felt to get OFF of that plane, feel the solid ground and smell the air outside. I even threatened to kiss the ground a few times...just like I had seen the Pope do on occasion.

I felt kind of like that again today. So glad to get outta that car, so glad to be able to move around, so happy to go in and lie in my bed.