Thursday, February 23, 2012

52 photos project

What's inspiring you right now?

And here's what made me pick up my camera today....

Gymnast hands.

Yes. Those are holes in her hands. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Early Bloomers

Look what I found on my back porch today! I know they've been popping up all over town but the large ones in my front yard haven't bloomed in a couple of years. They always start too soon, sometimes get snowed on, and no flowers actually bloom.

BUT then... when I went outside to tidy up the leaf infested patio so Stella could play out there...I saw these!! Yay! Minis!

They made my day.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Queen City Champs!!

Here are some photos from our final, most intense game.  The photos are not that good.  I was nervous and yelling a lot. 

But here ya go....

We had a rough start.  Couldn't sink anything we threw up.
Very nervous.
Both teams wanted to win...BAD. 
(we are the guests...)

Hawthorne calms Maddy.

But things continue to get ugly as Courtney (on floor) and Allie
fight for the ball.

We are still down, and girls start to freak out. 

And then Allie hits a three from just inside mid-court to tie us up at the half time buzzer!
That was the momentum we needed. 
Every shot went in after that.
Our 8th graders were ON FIRE.

We never get behind again...

We end up winning by 21 points.

Celebrations at Salsaritas!

Happy girl.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Winter Update

Many, many things have been going on since I've last written!  I have managed to post some photos here and there but MAN have we been busy.  We are always this busy this time of year.  Basketball, gymnastics, soccer, name it. 

With birthdays past ( and i can't believe i didnt even have time to do a proper bday post for either girlie...sheeeesh), and basketball complete (BEST SEASON EVER!!), things will slow a tad...just a tad...until middle school soccer starts.  And I think tryouts are next week. I will enjoy having Maddy home in the afternoons for a few days.  When it comes to Madge, I take what I can get these days. 

Which reminds me of a Maddy story. 

Yesterday morning Maddy woke up at 6:30 am (unheard of) and came upstairs with a look of panic on her sweet, tired face.  She held up her left hand and said, "I fell asleep with my ring on and now it won't come off." 
Now this ring is a big ole silver monogrammed ring.  Hand Picked.  All her girlies have them.  Maddy got it for her bday and she loves it BUT it's a tad too small.  I had her try on my rings and I thought I was getting the right size, BUT Maddy is 2 inches taller than I am.  Bigger feet.  And apparently bigger hands.  So I have been telling her I will get it sized but she's been dying to wear it.  Which is ok..sometines...on her left hand ring finger..when her hands are cold. SO she was wearing it in our cold basement that gets cold enough to freeze your fingers a size smaller than normal. 
THEN she fell asleep in it.
I said, "It will come off.  Let me see it." 
I tried to hide the horror on my face when I spied her fat swollen knuckle.  She had obviously been pulling on it for a while already.  I gave her an icepack to hold.  Made her stand outside in the 30 degree temp for 5 min.  Then made her try lotion.
Full on panic set in.  "MOM!!! WE HAVE THE BIGGEST GAME OF MY LIFE TODAY.  I can't wear this in a game.  IT HAS TO COME OFF.  GET IT OFF!!!!"  (not worried about her finger.  just the game.)
So I say,  "Fine.  But it's gonna hurt.  Give me your hand"
I pulled.  She screamed. 
I pulled some more.  She started to cry and crumbled to the floor.  Mostly from fear but also from pain.  I felt it give a little as the lotion got all up under the ring and started to work it's magic. 
I gave one last twist and yanked hard as I prayed to God that I wouldn't rip her finger off. 
Finally, it popped off and went flying across the kitchen and slammed into the kitchen window. 
I checked her hand. 
Finger still attached.
I checked the window.
Wasn't broken. 
Checked Maddy's face. 
Pure relief.
She stood with tears streaming down her face and said, "GOD THAT HURT.  Thank you GOD that I can play today. Thank you so much Mommy." 

Sweet baby face.  I wonder if she will ever wanna wear that ring again??

(in case you want to see the look of a satisfied champion)

Many other things to tell. Big plans for me and Stell next year. But I will elaborate later!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

52 Photos Project

THEME:   A Love Note

(this note has been in my camera bag for about 3 years)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

52 Photos Project