Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Estella Grace!!

Happy birthday sweet little angel baby girl. Three years ago you made your debut in the most polite way possible. You came two weeks early because I was tired of waiting. You kept your weight down so that I might not feel the same stress and discomfort I did with those other three! You nursed well and slept well, so that I could finally, finally get some sleep at night.
Without ever knowing...you helped me to mend a hurt relationship by throwing charms of unending adoration and affection towards my daddy. (You had your Grandpa hooked as soon as you could reach for him. He ADORES you!)
You continue to add to our lives each day by reminding us that little things bring GREAT joy. Thank you for being you baby girl. You add just the right spice to our lives.

We love you so much!!!!


Barefoot from Heaven said...

Happy Birthday you little 'big' girl. Your mom is the best ever. Love this post as well as your daughter would love it. Great to honor her like this and sharing her love for all of you with us. I feel the wrinkles of it already and got tears in my eyes. Hugs Dagmar

kendalee said...

Aww, what a sweetheart she is! I hope she had a lovely, girly, happiest of days and look forward to seeing all the pinkness... :)

And it's lovely to see you here again - I've missed you!