Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Giving Up the Gun

I love the video below for a couple of reasons.

1. It's a jaunty, happy little tune.

2. It reminds me of motherhood. Getting older and passing your legacy on over to the next one in line. In all of the good ways possible.

It's really hard sometimes... getting older is really something.
It's hard to see your children grow up. They start out tiny and need everything from you. Before you know it...they think they need nothing from you. (they are wrong of course...)

There comes a time when the mother of a young daughter gets to share some things with her girlie. First she starts to share mom's interest...wants to do what mom is doing. then she starts to borrow mom's jewelry. Before long she fits into some of mom's clothes. She wears grown-up clothes and looks as if she is trying desperately to be a grown up too. And the make-up...always into mommy's make-up.

Then there will come a day when mom is walking around town with her daughter, and experiences stares, whistles, and attention from men. But guess what?! Those whistles are meant for the daughter! All of the sudden, those flirty comments and stares that once belonged to the young hot mama now belong to the young hot daughter.
That little women in training that happens to look like a beautiful young adult all of the sudden.
And the irritation you once felt for those construction worker type comments pales in comparison to the rage you feel towards those men now! All you can think is..."she's still a baby you nasty old freak!!!"

It's scary, strange and beautiful to realize your child is a beautiful young woman.

This year, shortly after my 41st birthday, I began to realize that I am gradually passing some things on over to Hailey. I'm giving up the gun, so to speak. Letting her borrow the sword.
She gets to wear her own cute size xs stylish clothes now. She gets to wear the bikinis. She can put on her own make-up beautifully AND she can even speak for herself now...answers questions and carry on a conversation without me. (what happened to my shy shy little girl??)
She gets to fight her way in her new world of very young adults.

And I get to stand just a little behind her and support her as she embarks upon this new journey. The woman behind the young woman.

And I am really OK with that!! (most of the time) My girls are growing up. After all, another little woman will be along shortly!

(So I'll save some of my weapons just for her!)

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Lille Diane said...

This is a beautiful post. I have 2 boys so I don't get to pass the torch so to speak. But I did just have a visit from my niece who just graduated from college. I felt that way about her & it felt really good. I always wondered if I'd be able to feel good about myself when I got older. I'll turn 58 in Oct. Growing up is fun and growing older gracefully is an art just like life. It is a right of passage & someday my niece will have the honor of doing the same. Thank you for hanging your pretty picture on the wall over at my place. Hugzzzz...