Saturday, October 30, 2010


I am going to start writing down random acts of kindness that I happen to witness or be a part of...

1.  I was thrilled to be able to join Finn's Fall Party last week.  The theme was outer space.  Each child got a small pumpkin (donated by a kind parent) to decorate like an alien or planet or other space related work of art.  Finn's awesome friend Ava (who has a broken arm in a big, clunky cast) took young Stella under her wing.  She gathered materials for her, explained the project carefully, AND offered to help her poke holes in the little pumpkin for feathers and such...(with only one working arm I might add!)  She was sooo sweet to little Stell that it made me tear up a couple of times. 
Stella was sparkling with happiness and excitement.  Ava made her feel pefectly at home in a class full of big kids!
So thank you sweet Ava!  Your kindness was greatly appreciated!  


My goal is to record kindness as often as possible to remind myself that it's out there.  Everywhere.  Every day.

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Daricia said...

love it, suzy! great idea...a twist on the gratitude journal that is even better i think.