Thursday, December 1, 2011

52 Photos

Since I started this 52 Photos Project late, and the seasons are all messed up, I decided to jump ahead so that I could be with the rest of the group. 

So this week's theme is...


I realized this was the current theme yesterday and HAD to make the jump on up there
 I had just taken a bunch of twinkle pix. 
 Here are a couple of my favs...

2 goof balls

i love the one above because i said, "hold on. just relax. i'm only doing a test shot."
 and that's how they looked.

this one was obviously a little more posed.

stell had fun with the mirror.

and we can't forget her too...

Tallulah Gray

(these were all xmas card outtakes.  bless their little posing hearts.)

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