Sunday, February 12, 2012

Queen City Champs!!

Here are some photos from our final, most intense game.  The photos are not that good.  I was nervous and yelling a lot. 

But here ya go....

We had a rough start.  Couldn't sink anything we threw up.
Very nervous.
Both teams wanted to win...BAD. 
(we are the guests...)

Hawthorne calms Maddy.

But things continue to get ugly as Courtney (on floor) and Allie
fight for the ball.

We are still down, and girls start to freak out. 

And then Allie hits a three from just inside mid-court to tie us up at the half time buzzer!
That was the momentum we needed. 
Every shot went in after that.
Our 8th graders were ON FIRE.

We never get behind again...

We end up winning by 21 points.

Celebrations at Salsaritas!

Happy girl.

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