Thursday, June 28, 2012

Comments from the peanut gallery

Here are a few of the things I've heard around here lately...

Hailey- Stella, do you wanna talk to your Daddy?
Stella-  Yes!! I LOVE that guy!!

Stella is obsessed with A Baby Story on TLC.  So she and Hailey were discussing labor and delivery.
I asked them what type of births they were going to have and Stella told me all about her birth plan to have a baby at a big tub.

Hailey's response was quite different-

HA!!  You could not PAY me enough money in the world to have a baby without drugs!

(that cracked me up)

Me- Maddy you need to decide what color you want me to paint your room.  I'm gonna buy paint soon.
Maddy-  MOM.  Do I have to decide NOW or can I look at some more paint swabs??


Yesterday we pulled into the gas station...

Stella-  Oh no.  The cops are here.
Me-  Yep. There they are.  You worried about something?
Stella-  No.  I'm good.
Me-  Don't worry Stell.  They are probably here to keep people safe.
as we leave...  
Stella-  Man! They are STILL here.
Me-  What do you think they are doing here?
Stella-  Filling up their Roo cups.


The short version of this next story was on FB.  Here is the full version.  Crazy kidlet.

Stella- Mom, what are you reading about?
Me-  I'm reading a little bit about a man called Rumi
Stella-  How old is he?
Me-  Oh he died a LOOONGGG time ago.
Stella-  You mean like in the 90s?
Me-  Hahaha! Nope.
Stella- The 80s?
Me- Nope.
Stella- The 70s?
Me-  Nope.
Stella- The 60s???
Me- NO Stell.  A really, really long time ago.
Stella-  Well what was there before the 60s???

(I started to say..."nothing good"  cause i was born in 69! But i just laughed.)

Finn-  Mom,  Grandpa is not like normal grown ups.  He's way cooler.  And smarter too. 

(that's for you daddy...knew you'd love that one.)


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hysterical!!!!!!! cannot stop chuckling about ..umm the birth plan, the roo cup...maddy and wanting to see swabs...really -!!!!! We ALL have to get together BEFORE dang school starts NICK real????? jess saying!!!!