Monday, August 13, 2012

FALL Bucket List

Since the summer is dwindling quickly and life is about to get hectic again, we decided to create a bucket list for Fall this year!  (Pinterest idea)  Fall is usually so busy because we are ruled by schedules, soccer games, assignments and SCHOOL in general.  I KNEW that none of the "fun" stuff would get done unless it was either written down on a list or placed on a schedule.

So last night we had a family meeting to come up with our Fall Fun MUSTS.

 (MMM wasn't here.  Hated to have a meeting without her. In fact, this was a first.  But since Madame Social Butterfly is gone A TON, we went on without her.   She's been known to give a good eye roll at family meetings anyway.  They get on her nerves. Especially if Finn puts her name on the agenda for being mean. Luckily it was all about fun this time.  :)

So here is our FBL for 2012:

(only rules- all family members MUST attend)

1.  Fall Photoshoot
2.  Have a Starbucks morning (pre soccer game) as soon as apple spiced/pumpkin spiced  lattes become    available!
3. Get new friends in Kindergarten 
4.  Use our firepit for Smores on the deck
5.  Go camping in the mountains
6.  Go on a nature walk
7.  Go apple picking
8.  Make place mats for Thanksgiving  (name cards too)
9.  Family disc golf game
10. Have a pumpkin carving contest (nick finn and hailey will be out for blood)
11. Bake pumpkin bread
12.  Roast pumpkin seeds
13.  Family Dish-It-Out
14.  Family movie night or game night

So there ya have it!  Hope we do it all!!!

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