Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mouths of Babes...

Kids say the darndest things....
Moore-Licare style.
 Here are a few samples of the things being discussed in our house!!
I took a bite of Stella's bagel while she was talking.  She looked down and noticed a bite missing and said, "WHO TOOK A BITE OF MY BAGEL??"  I very calmly told her that I had taken the bite.
She replied, "Well then.  I'm gonna kick your ass."
(yes, we had a long conversation about that one.)
Mom- How's the 5th grade drama these days?
Finn-   Good
Mom-   Still got a girlfriend?  Amelia?
Finn-    Yeah.  But Raina is causing trouble because she's good friends with MaryAna.  And Mary Ana likes me.
Mom-  Yeah. You're pretty cool. 
Finn-    Raina said she was gonna kill Amelia so I went to talk to her and tell her to stop being mean to Amelia.  She thinks everyone is afraid of her and so I decided I better stand up to her and stand up for Amelia.  She usually backs down when somebody stands up to her and tells it like it is.
Mom-  I'm glad you told her to stop.  I sorta get it I guess.  She's trying to make her friend, MaryAna, feel better.  I guess she doesn't want her friend to feel sad because you have a girlfriend.  But saying she's gonna KILL her is NOT ok. Neither is being mean to her.
(all is quiet for about 2 minutes.)
Finn-    So I found out there's this "hot list".  Supposed to be a list of hot guys. 
Mom-  So are you on it?
Finn-    Yeah.
Mom-  Well, we have always known you are quite handsome.
Finn-   Yeah.  Yeah we have.
A couple weeks ago, I ran upstairs...talking to myself the whole way...
Me- "Dear Lord,
Please let Maddy score today.  I know I'm not supposed to pray that way.  I know, I know- I should pray for guidance and wisdom and stuff like that.  Maybe pray that she have a good game and trust in her ability to make the choices she needs to make today, etc.  I know. But it sure would be nice for her to score. It's time.  She's worked hard, she's dedicated, she's fierce.  So a score would be really nice."
Finn- You're not supposed to pray that way?  OH yeah.  It doesn't work AT ALL.  You can't just pray for things you want.  I know cause I prayed for YEARS to be a super hero....and NUTTIN.
(side note-  She scored in the last 2 minutes of the game that day! :)
Stella-  I want another Mother.
Mom-  Really?  Do you mean you want two?  Or someone different?
Stella-  Someone different.  NOT YOU.
Mom-  How come?
Stella-  Cuz.
Mom-  Do you think a different Mother would be better for ya?
Stella- Yes.  I want a new mother that doesn't make me wash or brush my hair.
Mom-   Ah.  I see.
Stella-  You do?? 
Mom-  Yes.  But you're not getting a new one.  You're stuck with me forever.
Stella-  That's what I was afraid of.
Maddy came home from school the other day...
Slams door open (CRASH).  Slams backpack down. (BAM)
Hair on side of her head in a messy bun, t-shirt, leggings, socks, tennis shoes (looking cute as ever and just like Maddy)
(and proceeds to do a little celebration dance up the stairs.)
Last one...
Maddy-  I had my World History midterm today.
Me-        How was it?
Maddy-  Well I studied for like hours and like none of the stuff I studied was even on the test!
Me-        Oh no.  Not good??
Maddy-  Oh, please.  It was really easy.  I'm just totally irritated that I wasted all that time studying.