Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mother and daughter duo

Tori Amos has a new album out and it's my favorite ....maybe only second to Little Earthquakes. Anyway, here are the lyrics to Promise. A hauntingly beautiful duet she sings with Tash, her daughter. It's wonderful and it makes me cry. 

[Tori:] Promise not to say

[Tash:] that you told me so
Promise not to say

[Tori:] that I'm getting too old

[Tash:] Promise not to take

[Tori:] never take your phone

[Tash:] I mean take their word

[Tori:] you mean over yours?
what I need to know, will you

[Tash:] Be there

[Tori:] Where the sun shines

[Tash:] I will be there

[Tori:] you are the light

[Tash:] that follows you everywhere

[Tash and Tori:] look for my love

[Tash:] where the sun shines
I will be there

[Tori:] will you

[Tash:] Promise not to judge

[Tori:] to judge who you love
I don't know if I...

[Tash:] Yes, make that Promise

[Tori:] whatever it is

[Tash:] can you hear the truth
if they accuse me

[Tori:] you think I'll doubt you?
what I need to know, will you

[Tash:] be there
when I am all alone

[Tori:] you're not alone

[Tash:] when I am broken down

[Tori:] we all break down

[Tash:] when every door is closed

[Tori:] there is one more

[Tash:] will you look for me?
I will rescue you

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