Friday, September 11, 2009

4 weeks down....

Well I haven't written much in the past few weeks! School has been extremely busy and ridiculously challenging. My class is FINALLY starting to settle a bit. I think I may be able to teach something, other than procedures, next week. Yippeeee!

I was comfortable last year with my nice little 1st/2nd grade combo. This year we added a third grade to our multi-age mixes and I now teach a K-1-2. Adding 9 Kindergarten students to my class of 24 REALLY spiced things up a bit. They are all sweet and precious individually...but when you put them all together on the floor for "group time" WATCH OUT. Rolling on the floor, feet in the air, poking neighbors, talking to friends, getting up and walking around cause I'm tired of this place, she's looking at me so I'm gonna yell out loud, time for a nap so I think I'll go to sleep....all in under 5 minutes too!

Today, I got a 20 minute class meeting out of them. They gave each other compliments and they thanked one another. The clouds parted and the sun did shine. Halleluah. We might just make it!


gman's_mom said...

Shaaaaaaaaaazennnnnnnn sister! Shaaaaaaaaaazennnnnnnn!

kendalee said...

Just stopping by to say "hi!" :) Great to hear that your group is moving through the settling in phase and that the sun's starting to shine... I miss you here but it sounds like you have your hands FULL!