Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blue Moon

There are many folktales about the moon. One of my favorite moon stories states that a Blue Moon is a magic moon. The moon comes to life on the night of the Blue Moon! Once alive, it has the power to communicate. The Blue Moon can speak to all who stand in it's light.

I am in North Carolina in the middle of a cold, yucky rain cloud. Not even an inch of blue sky seeping through the think layer of gray. IF that gray mass should break apart... and if I find a way to see that Blue's what I will tell her:

Hello there lovely lady. You and I go way back. I have seen you control the ocean tides and I have felt you pull and tug on my emotions in that same special way. Thank you for your timing and consistency. Thank you for your gentle light. Thank you for snuggling up with that American flag that's been with you since the summer I was born. Thank you for captivating me with your magic and mystery. Thank you for inspiring so many to use you creatively. Thank you for sticking around...even though we go days without seeing each other. I admire you so...the way you use all of your talents to make your own mark on our universe while playing ever so nicely with the sun. May I learn to be a little more like you in the future!! Good night Moon! And...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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