Monday, December 28, 2009

One Word.

I haven't been writing much lately. As I have explained before, the time of year can be very difficult for me. I have a hard time staying focused and/or organized and I seem to lose all creative sparks. I have been blog surfing like crazy to try and ignite some small little flame to get things moving again.
Once again, the land of blog has given me a little hope. I haven't been very creative with the photography lately so I have been checking shuttersisters daily (along with many other photog favorites). Today's entry got me thinking again. Today's entry is about putting your focus on one new area/idea for the year. Today's entry led me to this wonderful article about choosing ONE word to focus on for the upcoming new year.


That really got me thinking. IF I were to choose ONE word to remember as I walk through all areas of 2010, what word would I choose? I could choose from the obvious...PEACE, LOVE OR HAPPINESS...but what one word would I really be able to think about, meditate on, and actually use in my day to day life. One word to remember when things are happy AND when things are sad??

I will continue to think about my one word. I will choose and post on Jan. 1st. If you could choose just one word to focus on in 2010...what would your word be?


kendalee said...

I've been doing this for a few years now and it really helps me focus, provides a touchstone for the year. And since my Birthday, I've been thinking about my word for 2010... It came to me in a flash in the shower this morning, after I dreamt about it a few weeks ago and then couldn't remember it when I woke up. I'm going to let it sit with me for a while to be sure (I have a shortlist now) but I think this is it! Whichever word I settle on, I'll post about it over the weekend... and I so look forward to hearing what yours will be! :)

Jen Hunter said...

I have mine, and I will hold it close to my heart all year long.

Thank you for this!