Thursday, December 30, 2010

Plowing Through...

I suppose there is something very magical about this time of year.  The end of the year.  The end of a decade!  It's especially magic-like when we get snow! 
 (we have never had a white Christmas before.) 
 It can also be a little depressing. 

I have been desperately trying to find time to write lately!  But every time I find a moment something else catches my attention.    I finally sit here, uninterrupted, and ready to roll.

The last couple of weeks have been up and down.  That is pretty normal around her during the winter holidays.  Kid's excitement, family issues, shopping to do, meals to plan, ornaments to make, presents to wrap, photo shoots to finish, cards to mail...the list goes on.  All of that excitement usually spirals out of control...and then...finally explodes!  By a day or so after Christmas, all is quiet, sad, and warzone-ish.  I used to HATE the day after Christmas when I was a child. 
Dead CALM  = Painful  and BORING

As an adult, however, I really kind of like it!  I feel a sympathetic sadness for the kids but MAN what a relief for us grown folk.  (I can hear the Halleluah Chorus right now!)  It's taken me 41 years but I finally get why the adults are so boring after the holidays. 
 A vacation this time of year would be AWESOME.  I'm going to add that to my bucket list...Go on magical vacation day after xmas and return Jan 1st.  Or 2nd.  Or 3rd.  Whenever.

So anyway, now that I am older and have lost the ability to be bored, I have been thinking about this past year and the new year to come.  Last year, I chose a word to help guide me through the year.  My word was BELIEVE.  And you know what?? It WORKED.  I swear it did.   Belief makes things real.  2010 was the year I figured that out.  I didn't write about it as often as I promised, and I didn't think about it each and every week...or even every month.  But I truly believe it shaped my year in a positive way! (so it has to be true. because i believe it's true)

My new dilema is my new WORD for 2011.  Now that I have discovered the secret power of the chosen word, I feel the need to chose carefully, respectfully, and thoughtfully.  What word is calling out to me?  
I think that this year needs to be about ACTION.  I have done TONS of reflecting, waiting, watching, and listening.  (listening is the hardest for me..for sure.)  What word will keep me motivated and charged to accomplish all that I want to accomplish this year??

HERE are some of the things I hope to do:

1.  Turn this photo hobby into a real business...License and all.
2.  Get married.
3.  Work harder, better...make a difference.  My school kids don't need someone who half-asses it. 
      (lots of people at my school half ass it.  i don't wanna be one.)
4.   Cook dinner most nights of the week and be happy about it.  
5.   Stay creative...even through the yucky stuff.
6.   Be a good leader/role model.  (i want my kids to be proud of their mommy.)
7.   Go on a family vacation to the beach this summer.  ( and maybe one in the winter.    somewhere snowy.)
8.   Enjoy family time when we can get it. Make the time we do get to spend together memorable. (schedules are insane in the spring and fall)

I am sure there are other things too.  But this is all I can come up with for NOW. 

What will my new word be??  WHO KNOWS.  Stay tuned.  I have to figure it out by Jan 1st!

I hope  you are all enjoying your winter holidays!


kendalee said...

Suzy, you are so right about adults needing a break - I feel so fortunate for it and SO much better for having had one!

How exciting that you had a white Christmas - it adds a certain extra magic for sure.

I can't wait to see the word you choose to guide you in manifesting all those lovely actions... the word has power! My word for last year really didn't work for me - it was more of a fizzle than a sparkle of a year. But I've decided that it's still the thing I need and want most so I'm doing something unprecedented for me and sticking with my word for a second year. This time round I'm planning to pay it more attention... seek it out in dark corners. I have high hopes :) Thank you for sharing my 2010 journey with me. Your company and kindness have been a blessing.

May 2011 unfold for you in ALL the ways you wish for, and some! xox

Barefoot from Heaven said...

hahaha I hear you girl. the softness and stillness of the day after all the exitement. wow. Today I will having a ball all over again though. I'm celebreating the new year with friends and family and have a little bit of a birhtdayparty...I hate my birthday....

So after this day....peach will enter my home...may your days be filled with them for this year.
Happy new Year Suzy. and the best of luck with your new word.
Hugs Dagmar