Monday, May 16, 2011

Metro Jungle

Wilmington, NC 

Walking along the sidewalk, in Wilmington NC, I strolled upon a chickenwire fence decorated with keys. 
The fence seems to be an attempt to contain the wild flowers that are gradually creeping their way sunward. 
I looked at it for a while.  Wondering why and how and who.... 
 Most people probably wouldn't call it art, but I do. 
 I think that's exactly what art is supposed to do...make the viewer wonder all kinds of things. 
 Take the viewer somewhere else completely. 
 I love the contrasty combo of flowers growing wild and metal fencing (used for small farm animals and other odd structures).     
Add the keys, and you get a whole new layer of mystery.
 Would love to know the story behind it...but I am also afraid it won't be as good as the ones I make up!


Pat said...

It's art. And your shots are beautiful.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Ha yea do keep the one in your head alive cause usually that's the best version.

Love the pics.
Hugs D.