Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lazy Days Ahead...

I have been wanting to write here for a long time.  I have had a million thoughts/stories/ideas/projects that I wanted to write about.  Time hasn't exactly been on my side.  I'm sure I could have made time if I had had the energy...but the end of the school year brings on it's own little cloud of choas. 

Happily, my last day with students was yesterday!!  And my kids will celebrate their last day next Friday.  We are almost there...almost catching summer by they tail.  I can't wait for the ride!  It always feels as if summer is so well deserved.  WORK WORK WORK and then SPLASH, cool off, and relax!

Some exciting tidbits to share... 
First, Maddy went from first year challenge soccer to CLASSIC!  She will be competing more, traveling more, and playing in more tournaments.  (that's a good thing. even though it adds even more chaos to the fall and spring schedules.)
 Next, Finn got a part in a movie with his Grandpa!!  He is so excited about it.  He gets to be in a couple of scenes AND he gets to work with his GP.  He is feeling a little spark of fame already.  LOOK OUT HOLLYWOOD! 
Last but not least, Hailey came home from gymnatics the other night and very excitedly exclaimed, "I officially have my back handspring on high beam!"  She had it two years ago but her hands slipped and she lost the nerve to try it on her own.  Once fear took over, she gave it up for a while and worked on front handsprings instead.  She started working on it again a few weeks ago and now...SHE HAS IT.  I am so happy for her it makes me wanna cry.  I can't describe the amount of blood, sweat, and tears it took to get  to this point in her gym career.  But I can tell you that hard work and didcation are worth it in the gym.  She's proof.  (and if you know Hailey at all, then you must know how excited I was that she came home and expressed joy, pride, and satisfaction about an accomplishment.  She keeps most things to herself.  But this was too big!  Rock on sweet girl.)
SO all is going really well for my kids.  Great grades, good EOG scores, happy kids. ( Stella is out of school and thrilled to have more time at home.  She talks nonstop and eats everything she can find in the kitchen. So even number 4 is having a great time these days!)

(I thought about airing my thoughts about work here today,  but I don't wanna ruin the nice happy vibe I've got going I'll save that for another day.)   


Here you see Stella waiting to nail her brother with a water balloon as he gets off the bus.
 Oh yes she did!

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