Thursday, January 3, 2013

Still Grateful

I had a pretty bad day today.  But I didn't come here to write about all of the bad things.  I decided NOT to write about all of the pain-in-the-butt stuff that happened today.  I will just write about those tiny silver linings for which I'm very grateful.  Here goes-

My TOP 10 for today and yesterday- Mostly today...
1.  I am thankful that I didn't insult K at City Chevrolet last night by sharing MY opinion on
     what I think Jesus would actually do (or say) in response to his sneaky car dealer ways.  I am so
     grateful that I didn't tell him he was going to need more than a BLESSED tatoo on his neck and  
     a WWJD bracelet to be saved if he didn't start telling the truth more often.  I am also really
     thankful that he let me drive my van home, after insisting I keep driving the loaner that I can't
     really afford right now.  He didn't even pout too much when I got in my car and drove away. 
 He even got his manager to offer an extra 500 for the van!
Maybe he rememeberd Jesus is always watching. 
2.  I am especially happy that I didn't have a small heart attack when my van died in the turn lane
     on Sharon at Runnymeade at 7 am.. Especially since MMM and her cohorts were horrified 
     and trying to hide deep down in the the friends that were passing us by at high speeds and honking, would somehow miss the fact that they were in my broken down van with
the CSA, ODS, and IG magnets on the back. 
Good job girls. 
I think you went unnoticed.
3.  I am truly beyond excited and happy that MMM survived school without
 being shunned and excluded by
     all of the cool kids EVEN THOUGH
her mom's awfully uncool car collalpsed. 
4.   And thank you KG for making MMM laugh. 
You totally lightened the mood.  (for real)
You're awsome
  sweet girl.
5.  I'm very hankful for Nick for taking those shell-shocked girls to school
to face the dreaded LOCK OUT. 
(and to get them the heck outta my van.)
6.  I am really and truly grateful to parent Paula who vonlunteered in my class today so that
     I could leave early and go get a car to drive.
7.  I was also relieved and happy when Nick showed up at ODS with Chuck's car and some keys...
     I didn't even have to drive with him to go get it!! 
 (also thankful for Mitch who
 took Nick to get
     the car!)
8.  That leads me to my gratitude for Chuck and his extra car...and happy that he is letting me drive it.
9.  I am so happy that I remembered half way to Weddington that Hailey's appt was actaully at 3
     instead of 4.  That way I didn't actually have to drive ALL the way to Weddington and face Dr. D
     and company and then leave with my tail between my legs. 
 I got to call and apologize profusely
 That's WAY better than the face to face crap.
10.  Lastly, I am thankful for being able to whip up a decent dinner on the fly...
even though I didn't want to...
you know...because of my day and all...
even though I dreaded it...
it was delicious!!
(tilapia and some lemon butter sauce i made up. yum.)

See...could have been worse, right??!!! (I'm still waiting to hear how bad the car is. Fingers crossed.)

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