Sunday, November 16, 2008

Home is where ya eat!!

The weekends are a mixed blessing for me. Yes, the work week is finally over. Yes, I may be able to sleep a little later on Saturday. But... the house is also very empty. My three older children go to their dad's house most weekends. I still have baby little but the other littles make a whole lot of noise when they are around so when the weekend comes I feel bittersweet about it all. I told you before, my life is messy.

I usually take the opportunity to clean like a wild woman while the littles are away. It's usually messy within moments of their return, but I love having the house appear clean and inviting when they arrive.

Just before they got here today I cleaned off the dining room table. I swear I don't think the table had been that clean in weeks. I put out the place mats and a couple of candles and I stood back to look for smears, crumbs, yucky stuff I missed with the wipe down. Everything looked good to me. And then I had this vision of the family sitting at the table eating together.

All of the sudden I felt like I was home. I felt comfortable and calm for a minute.

No matter what goes on in this house, no matter who is mad at whom, no matter how much homework or housework there is to be done, we all have to eat. And when we eat, we talk. And when we talk, we usually smile...sometimes even laugh. And when that all happens, I feel like all is right with the world. I feel content. I feel home.

So when I looked at the table and felt all warm and fuzzy for a minute, I decided to save the moment. Now when I forget, I can look back at the picture and remember that home will return eventually...cause we all have to eat!

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