Monday, November 10, 2008

Inaugural Blogural

This is not exactly my idea. Well in a way it is. I have been encouraged to do this by several wonderfully inspiring women who have this down to an art. My art, however, is the messy kind. My life is messy. My kids are messy. My classroom gets messy. My house is usually messy. My room is especially messy right now. And above all, my mind is messy. My knowing how to deal with the messiness and knowing the differences between motivational mess and downright filth! The filth I simply cannot stand but the mess...the good kind, I rather enjoy sometimes.

I love photography and I love children. (My children, your children, any old children really.) Those are the two great loves of my life these days. ( I am not including my own personal family in that statement because 1. they are all crazy too and 2. they know how much they mean to me already.)

So here goes. My attempt to blog away about my artfully messy life.

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