Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Photo A Day

I stole the idea from someone else's blog but like I tell my kids and other teachers...no idea is completely original. And any great idea is an idea worth stealing. This doesn't mean that I ignore copyright rules or anything. It just means that I truly believe that great ideas are for sharing. As long as you do the work for the great idea...it's okay, right? Right.

So my stolen idea is to take a photo a day. I am an amateur photographer who refuses to get better for some reason. I think this will force me to "see the light" a little differently each day. My hope is that my images will get better and better. Some days I will have writing to go along with my images and other days I won't. I do teach full time after all. And have 4 kids.

Here is my first "Photoaday" photo. Maybe I should have started on Jan. 1st! Sweet! Now I can tell people this is my NewYear's resolution. (Hate those things...none of those ideas are worth stealing!!) Okay so here is my first. My sleeping babe. Her eyes were fluttering while she lay dreaming and it was sort of eerie sort of angelic all at the same time. Little love bug.

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