Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stella and her Daddy

I know that all dads love their little girls. And I am quite sure that most little girls LOVE their daddy...but these two are unbelievable. Now remember, I had my older three children with my ex husband.
And of course the children love him. 2 and 3 are actually very close to their dad. But all of my other children have been attached to ME until they were 3 or so. All of the first 3 wanted me when they were tired, hungry, hurt, sad, etc.
NOT Stella.
From the time she was born she has been quite diplomatic. She never screamed and cried for her mommy. She never fussed when her dad put her to sleep. She has never, ever even pretended to like me best! I am the Mom for heaven's sake. She is supposed to like me BEST. But no. She seems to like her Dad just as much. I can't quite figure it out. Except for the fact that he absolutely adores her. Cannot get enough of her...ever. They truly seem to enjoy each other's company. He seems to totally understand her and respect her at all times. It is the coolest, sweetest thing I have ever seen.

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