Monday, February 1, 2010

My First at Fifteen!!

Hailey A.

Can. Not. Believe it.

My sweet, smart, shyshy little girl.
15 years ago....36 hours of labor total....she didn't sleep much and NEVER wanted me to put her down! She has been a Mama's girl since birth.

Hailey is number 1. (Once I had the 4th child, I started calling them by numbers.)
She is a gymnast. She is always on the A/B Honor Roll. She is very quiet in public settings and her only social events involve her gym-mates and/or her family.

I worry about this one
because she works so hard that I often feel she is missing out on some of the fun and carefree attitude of childhood. She is so responsible and organized! I recently tried to force the kid to go to the movies with her friend from school. They have been trying to schedule a movie date BUT they both have crazy schedules. When she finally got time to go...she canceled because she was too tired. AND because she wanted to hang out with her family. (WHAT???) She seemed genuinely happy about her decision though. (and can i tell you how blessed i feel to have a teenager that wants to hang out at home??)

Hailey doesn't tell me much about what's going on in her life. I have to know when to ask just the right questions to find out anything. I know where she is at all times because she is either at school or in the gym but I would still love to hear details once in a while! Recently she came back from a gymnastics meet in Orlando. IT was a great trip because the whole team got to go to Disney before their competition. She was gone for 5 days and when she returned I was dying to hear all about her adventures.
Not a word. My sweet little introvert needed to retreat to her room for a couple of days to recover from spending every second for 5 days with other people all around her. And then she FINALLY crawled out sheepishly and showed me her Orlando photos.

She may be 15 BUT at least I know she still loves her Mommy.
She lets me know this because...

She still stands right beside me when she's out in public with me. (especially if she has to meet new people)
She still fights her siblings to sit beside me when we go out to eat.
She still chooses to ride in my car over her dad's/stepdad's EVERY time we have to take more than one car.
AND she still cuddles up with me on the couch to watch TV.
Most importantly-she likes to hang out with me.

That makes me really happy!


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curious girl (lisa) said...

oh my gosh! her impish grin and sparkling eyes are simply dazzling!!!