Saturday, April 3, 2010


I saw this cool blog and decided to play along with her If I Were....JUST FOR FUN.

if i were a month, i would be may…i'd blow soft evening breezes and listen for the sounds of laughter calling for summer,
if i were a day i’d be saturday. lazy and productive all at the same time,
if i were a time of day i’d be sunrise… full of possibilities and hopeful beginnings,
if i were a font i’d be fancy and curly q,
if i were a sea animal i’d be a sea turtle…old and wise, calm and beautiful,
if i were a direction i’d be south. always heading somewhere warm,
if i were a piece of furniture i’d be a big comfy couch,
if i were a liquid i’d be water…feeding, soothing, nurturing,
if i were a gemstone i’d be a diamond…strong, vibrant, and clear headed,
if i were a tree i’d shoot straight through the canopy of the rain forest,
if i were a flower i’d be a bright orange poppy,
if i were an element of weather i’d be a lovely ocean breeze,
if i were a musical instrument i’d be a flute,
if i were a color i’d HAVE to be a fantastic shade of green,
if i were an emotion i’d be love and compassion,
if i were a fruit i’d be a sweet juicy watermelon,
if i were a sound i’d be the sweet, soft tinkle of a wind chime,
if i were an element i’d choose to be an element of art and I’d be color,
if i were a car i’d be a cute little convertible
if i were a food i’d be a yummy soul food side dish like mac and cheese, green beans, or mashed taters
if i were a place i’d be an island in the carribean ,
if i were a taste i’d be caramel,
if i were a scent i’d be soft and subtle and clean like fresh pressed linen,
if i were a body part i’d be the kind of eyes that see into your soul,
if i were a song i’d be New York Nights and Paris Mornings by Corrine Bailey Rae,
if i were a bird i’d be an owl…soft, silent, quick
if i were a city i’d be Savannah, Georgia,
if i were a door i’d be open and i would lead out onto an old southern veranda,
if i were a pair of shoes i’d be flip flops…probably rainbows,
if i were a poem I would be Wild Horse by Jewel


Barefoot from Heaven said...

Ha I love the fact you'd be a made me smile here.
Thanks for showing us a little bit more of the you.
Wonderful flowershot.

kendalee said...

This does look like fun. I loved reading your responses and the characteristics they represent in you and might give it a go myself, just for fun...