Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rainbow Saturday gymnast!
Maddy and her bff!!
Stella and her homemade icecream!

Finn opts for Ben and Jerry's with rainbow gummies.

And Stella...aka...LoverGirl. Finn created this super hero character just for her. She has the power to bring love wherever she goes. She can make any enemy crumble by simply gazing her love eyes his/her way. (Finn is writing a book about his little sidekick now. Stay tuned...I'm sure it will be good and you KNOW I'll post when he's finished!)

I have had a great time with color this week. As you may have's people that color my world. I love capturing the many different faces of children. I am not so great at nature and other inanimate type objects. It's people that draw me in and hold my attention. (I think my life may feel calmer if I'd learn to focus on nature some!! For's the houseload of little goodies that inspire me.)

Hope you all have a RAINBOW kind of day. Love to all. Suzy


kendalee said...

What a beautiful rainbow of little souls you have in your life! Strangely, I almost never take pictures of people. I wait for ages sometimes to get a shot without people in it :) You have a gift for capturing the loveliness of children and I love that you share that with us here - thank you.

P.S. can't WAIT to read some of Finn's book!

Amanda said...

i love seeing color in movement in your first two images -- and catching that wonderful drippiness of summer ice cream

and your little superhero with her love powers....tell her our world really needs that!!!

just wanted to comment also on the joseph campbell quote on your header:

We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.

i absolutely adore it - thank you for helping me remember this

Jen Hunter said...

Jaden is trying to replicate Hailey's move - can't quite get it yet! HA!!

Daricia said...

Suzy, I love your pictures today and for all of color week. So many good ones! That red shirt pic of Stella cracks me up!

kelly@thebluemuse said...

These are all wonderful, it is interesting what you say about people, I hardly ever take people shots except to document occasions, I really should work on that...I felt at the end of this week that all I took were macro shots. That isn't horrible, but it made me see that I need to try new things...

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Suzy your colourweek is the best of all I believe. Taking your loved ones along with it is the best ever.
Thanks for sharing and learning a little bit more about the you's in your life.
Warm sweet hugs D.

curious girl (lisa) said...

yes, you have a lovely tribe of colorful little people! lucky you. and finn is my absolutele favorite name!

thank you for giving us your happy people perspective on color week.

Monique said...

It has been great to see your little people shots, one of the only blogs to feature folk in colour week. My photos if mainly of my children too and I have had to force myself to find colour elsewhere, with snips of my little people here and there.