Sunday, November 14, 2010

Grateful for...

Today I am grateful for family.   This weekend was the best I've had in a while.  I had the perfect combination of family time, quiet time, and alone time with Nick.  When we all came back together today, I made them go outside to take some pix.  They weren't thrilled but they knew it was important to me so they did it.  After some grumbles and hair fixin, they settled in and had a good time.

Thank you little bundles.  You are the four chambers of my heart!!

We also witnessed some pretty cool kindness yesterday.  Nick and I were on our way to dinner and we saw a scene that looked really sweet and kind.  We couldn't hear the words so my version of their story may not be 100% accurate but here is how I choose to believe things went down: 
What appeared to be a homeless woman was walking down the street with a shopping cart full of stuff. (clothes and things)  She appeared to be pretty content as she walked steadily along the sidewalk. The sun was going down quickly and she wasn't wearing a  coat.  Suddenly a car pulled over and the woman driving got out of her car, ran quickly to the back of her car, and opened her trunk.  She pulled out what looked like a big coat or a blanket and gave it to the woman.  Both women were smiling.  The woman in the car drove off and the woman with the cart walked away.  It took less than a minute to stop and get that blanket.  And I pray that woman walking was warm all night.


Daricia said...

christmas card shot? i hope so!

Pat said...

What a sweet story.

Pat said...

I'm using this picture in my ESL class tonight. We're talking about families. Also describing hair/eyes using possessive pronouns.

I'm assuming this is ok with their mama?

LifeIsArt said...

Yes it is Mama!

Barefoot from Heaven said...

You have a wonderful 'bundle' here my friend. Love their smiles..they are happy kiddos because they have you as parents.

Oh and that story,...isn't it amazing what seemed as a little gift can be such a big impact even on others who were just there to see it happen.
Thank you so much for sharing.
Warmest hugs to you all.
ps again Stella is growing too fast if you ask me...;-)