Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Today I am GRATEFUL for Fall Colors!

Kindness came in all shapes and sizes and colors today.  I received many, many sweet hugs from my students (both new and old).  Their smiles made me feel loved, warm, and fuzzy.  This day started out in a coffee deprived fog but as the day went on my spirits lifted.  When I left school today it was just starting to rain.  As I studied the nice Fall drizzle, I noticed huge splashy drops of red, yellow, and orange.  The colors sailed through the air and then hit the ground peacefully.  The voice in my head said, "Look Suze, it's raining colors today!"  
  And it was really pretty awesome.


Debra said...

Beautiful! Isn't fall wonderful?!

Emily Joyce said...

I am too :) I love fall, I wish we had more changing leaves in Arizona!

Erin Wallace said...

Yes, fall colors. What a lovely thing to be grateful for.

xo Erin