Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Today I am grateful for....GIRLS!

I got to listen to these girls laugh all afternoon.  There were many kind moments between them.  They are all VERY kind to Stella too.  Even when she follows them around and drives them a little nuts...they are very patient with her.  For that I am full to the brim with grateful!

In Addition...

Grant, our next-door neighbor, came over this afternoon.  He offered to stay home with Finn while I went to pick Maddy up from school.  Finn loves to have him over so it worked out very nicely.  While I was in the dreaded pick-up line, Grant called me and said, "Ms. Moore did you know that your oven is on?"  Sweet kid.  I didn't know it was on.  He turned it off for me and played with Finn until I got home.  AWESOME.  Then he watched Stella outside for a bit!!  Love that kid. 

**I can promise you those wise people of Africa knew exactly what they were talking about when they made up my favorite proverb.  It REALLY does take a village to raise a child of mine.  I would be lost without my village!  :)**

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