Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One Word Wednesday...


(this is usually my wordless or one word wendesday.  not supposed to talk so i'll whisper very quietly.)

this lovely plant, given to me by my sister on Thanksgiving, just bloomed.  i almost killed it.  well actually my cat almost killed it...but i almost let it die.  then for some reason, i panicked and refused to let it go. i nursed it and cared for it and it literally came out it's shell of darkness and sickness.  what i thought would never bloom, grew into this little bunch of lovely. 
and i was sooo happy to see that she survived. 

there's a parallel here.  this year, i'm refusing to let the winter make me sick. 
 i feel a bloom coming on myself...a little earlier than expected.  i'm excersizing and eating well. maybe that little plant inspired me to take care of myself, too! 

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