Thursday, February 10, 2011



Hailey had a great birthday this year.  She even wrote me a note telling me so.  It was very sweet and heartfelt, too.  I love that girl.  I love that last picture up there because it speaks LOADS about her personality.  She NEVER wants center stage.  She gladly hands that off to her siblings.  She would rather just kind of blend in with the crowd!  She loves to be around people and she loves to laugh...but she doesn't ever want to be the center of attention for more than a second or two.   (yes that it stella opening one of hailey's presents.)

She's still doing her gymnastics too!  I need to get new photos of her new routines.   I will post those soon!  I've written a few times about her anxiety and her beam "situation" the last couple of years.  She seems to be slowly overcoming her fear of the beam and she got an 8.95 at her last meet.  THAT IS HUGE.   I wasn't even there to see it.  Her Dad had to tell me all about it.  I cried, of course.  I was sooo happy for her.   She was kinda beaming  (haha) when she came home.  She ended up taking 5th place on beam and 5th place on bars. Yeehaw!! 
ANYWAY....all in all, her 16th year is starting out in a FANTASTIC way. 

Happy Birthday Hailo!!  You have taught me soo much about being a Mom and perhaps most importantly...about how to listen.  I love you to infinity.  I won't write all of the mushy stuff in this space...i wrote it in a letter to you instead.  Thanks for you being you kiddo.  You are my sunshine.
 (and the most courageous person i know!)

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