Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Undercover Camera

Here I am sitting in my car. 
Wating for the chance to sneak a picture of my 16 yr old...driving. 
She had her final week of Driver's Ed this week.  The actual DRIVING part.  Now.   I have had plenty of time to get used to the idea of my girl driving.  You see, she turned 16 in February and technically should have had DE a year ago.  Luckily, we couldn't fit the course into her very busy gym schedule.  Between school, gym practice, gym meets, and vacations, the child has had NO time to drive. 
Until now. 
 She had to do it.  It was time.  BUT for some unknown reason, the uncooperative child would NOT let me take her photo driving.  Really frustrating since her driving partner cancelled at the last minute and I got to ride with her and the teacher ALL WEEK.  In the seat right behind her.  I tried to pull out my camera once and sneak a pic but she shot me the look of death in that rear view mirror so I put that camera away speedy quick. 
I wanted her to focus on the road by God.

She finally took her last driving test yesterday afternoon. 
Without me.  I didn't get to ride along for the final test.
SO I totally went undercover and waited. 

 There she is. 
In that car. 
With her teacher and some other unknown, unsuspecting child who had to take the test as well.
  That's as close as I got. 
She still doesn't even know I took THAT picture or I'd be in some serious trouble. 
 Bottom line. 
  She will have her official permit next week. 

Let us all bow our heads and pray.

(she is actually a very careful driver.  she did great. 
i just don't trust anybody else out there.
  shes's my baby for goddsakes.)