Thursday, October 6, 2011

Delanee and Mallory

I love these little girls. 
 Delanee and Mallory.

When I first got separated and was living through some of the
 deepest, darkest days of my life,  I stayed with my friend Heather
(aka Cheddar to those of us who love her)
and her husband Ed during my nights away from my kids. 
Having to stay away from my kids a couple nights a week made me really sick. 
Couldn't eat or sleep much for a long time.
Cheddar made me stay with her. 
I'm so glad I did. 
I got to know these punkins really well when they were tiny. 
 Poor Delanee had to get to know me REALLY quickly
the night her mama went into labor with Mallory.  
I took her home with me so that we could take care of her until Ched was well
 (She had some serious complications immediately
after labor and was very sick.  Ed was a wreck and stayed with her.)
Once that was over and divorce was under way,
I continued to stay with them pretty regularly.
I slept on their couch and did many midnight feedings with Mally-boo.
Once or twice when Ed was out of town I just slept with Ched. 
 And we were all, "not it" when Mallie woke up during the wee hours.  Hahaa!

Seems like such a long time ago. 
I don't miss much about those dark days...
but I do miss these two. (and their parents)
 I don't get to see them that much nowadays.

So glad I got to see them this past weekend...
and so grateful to hear them scream
"AUNT SUZY'S HERE!!!" everytime they see me.


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Pat said...

They are gorgeous. Great shots, S.