Thursday, October 6, 2011

52 Photos Project

The theme for this week is....

I Found it on the Ground

This past weekend, I had a photoshoot with a dear old friend from elementary school.  I got to shoot her and her sweet family (along with her big sister and her two kids).  There were three kids in all.  Two boys and one girl.   The youngest boy (9) was pretending to be a secret agent and was being very careful to go back and cover his footsteps everywhere he went. He was cracking me up.  He pretented to have a rather large assault weapon at one point and  while he was pretending to shoot his brother,  I heard him yell out, "POW!!"  I swear, right at that moment I looked down and this was written on the sidewalk. 
 (he thought it was pretty funny...and i'm pretty sure he had already seen it...but still...cracked me up.)

I had to use it for 52 photos.  It was too perfect. 

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