Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Quotes from the Littles

 Here is a little collection of interesting comments I have heard in the last couple of weeks: 

"Things are going to be a LOT better when I'm 10.  I just know it."  F

While listening to QUEEN..."Why don't they make music this good now?" H (When those words rang in my ears, my heart sang out like Freddie himself.  Loved it.)

"Why does that OTHER Stella have to be in MY class?" S

To math teacher..."Um. Mr. Mahoney, can you PLEASE fix my grades on Parent Assist because my parents really believe what's on there and NOT what I tell them."  M

Call from school..."Mom.  Can you bring me some clothes?" 
Me- WHY?
"Because I'm wearing a shirt that has lace and they are telling me it's inappropriate."  M  ( never in a million years did i expect to hear that from HER.)

"I have all As again Mom!! Even in Art History!"  H

"I am pregnant."   S
 "is it two this time?" Me  
"Not this time.  This time it's only one.  And it's a unicorn named Horse Juice"  S    (oookaayyyyy)

"Mom I think there is something wrong with my body on the inside."  M

"Yeah Reese likes this girl named Sarah.  But she doesn't like him." F
 "who does she like?" me
"Me, of course."  F

"Everybody needs to be quiet and NOT talk during this GLEE party, GOT IT???"  H

On my way to parent/teacher conference..."Oh he's probably going to tell you something bad." F   LIKE WHAT?? Me  
"Oh you know...they always tell you a couple of good things and one crappy thing that i'm gonna have to work on."  F

 Phone call 30 minutes after school has let out..."Hello? Mom?  Can you come pick us up?" M
"sure but i will be late as usual, i have to get hailey" 
"Okay... and can you take Kate and Alana and Savannah home too?"   
"Oh. And Mom, Blaise really needs a ride, too."

Dear LORD. 

I'm trying to remember to write down some of the goofy stuff they say. 
There's more.  I just can't remember right now. 


daricia said...

hahaha hilarious!! those are great! what awesome kids!

Amy said...

hysterical....the unicorn names Horse Juice is killing me....

Pat said...

At least "I am pregnant" came from the five-year-old. :-)