Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dream Analysis and Chakra Cleanse

A few weeks ago, I decided that I was finally calm enough, open enough to start listening to my dreams again. I love to try and analyze my dreams as they can be quite entertaining. When I took a moment to think about dreams, I realized I hadn't had any in a long time. Or I guess I just wasn't paying attention to them and therefore, was no longer remembering them.

The very day I decided to write them down and study them...I had an explosive series dreams. Five in a row. They were all completely different in many ways but as I studied them, I noticed many of the same themes: control, letting go, acceptance, death, choices and spirituality.

I met with a good friend and I told her all five of my dreams and as I was leaving our meeting spot, I had an epiphany...sort of...and all of the sudden all of the dreams made sense to me.

Each dream seems to represent the journey leading up to now. How I viewed my life in the past, how I view things now, and how I hope to view life in the future. All very powerful dreams once I looked closely. One dream even contained a coffin with scales on the inside which led me to believe that I am ready to choose what parts of me and/or my past I want to keep and which parts I am ready to release and let die. Another powerful symbol was cat poop. Yes. Cat poop. Tons of it on my white, white bed. Cat poop all over my favorite place in the bed. That dream let me know that I need to clean up a bit before I can find that peaceful slumber I am craving. I think I need to clean out those shadowy cobwebs of the past (and even recent past) so that I can move on with confidence.

The dreams have brought me back to meditation practices and grounding techniques. And I think I am in need of some Chakra cleaning as well!!! I have been reading a book called Chakras Key to Spiritual Opening by Mary Ellen Flora. I know. The title kinda freaks people out. It's the kind of book my dad would not like at all upon first glance. The only thing that might save it for him, is the fact that she suggests saying The Lord's Prayer before each meditation. While her book doesn't attach itself to one religion in particular, she does suggest a cleanse that is based on the belief that there is a God and that we are all a part of that energy source.

I have to say the book has been very powerful for me so far. When I use the techniques, I feel so warm and loved. But's easy to become ungrounded. Every day life can be very challenging. My goal is to find that underlying love of self that I was born with. Love of life. My goal is to clean out the past and its blockades, so that I can know without a doubt that I am good enough. I want my undercurrent to be love...not doubt.

The scary part of that book, the part that my dad might NOT like, is cleansing of the past...that may involve past lives. Not sure how I feel about that. She states that some people discover events that happened in past lives when they open their chakra seals. I am not kidding when I say I feel like I have been around in this world sometime before now...before I was born. Maybe not. Maybe so. Who knows?? But if I find out any details...I will certainly share them. Even if they sound crazy and impossible.

I'm going to write more about the cleanse as I become more comfortable and more familiar with the practices. Until then...I will go through each day trying my best to stay present and grounded!!!

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Juliana @ Shakti Mama said...

Oh, I love all of this, and I very much believe in past lives :).

Dreams, oh, dreams. I'm still working on remembering mine, but they flee me easily. Has to do with nursing throughout the night. Love your dream analysis though and will keep it in mind.