Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Maddy. Very athletic and very social. She has definitely been the most excited about summer ending and fall beginning. She loves going back to school. This year, she is really excited because she's in 7th grade. And 7th graders can play school sports. She has waited her whole little life to play school sports. So while we have been waiting for this opportunity, she has filled her time with rec ball and club ball of all sorts. Her favorite, soccer, lacrosse. She decided to venture out and try something new this year. Volleyball. Probably becuase this is the season for it, the time is now, and she wants to be playing something ALL the time. (keep in mind she's playing soccer for CUFC right now too) SOO she has been practicing volleyball a lot. Last week, tryouts began. She got to stay after school, meet the coaches and work hard for 2 hours each day. After many kind words from her coaches, she felt sure she would be one of the few 7th graders to make a mostly 8th grade team. (she's NEVER not made a team. EVER.)
AND then came her first soccer game of the season on Sunday. Within the first five minutes of the first game, she had the ball and was on a run to the goal and she got tripped. She rolled her ankle. BAD. After much ice and tylenol we went to the doctor only to find that she has to stay off that foot for at least 2 weeks. This means no soccer for a while. AND she had to tell the volleyball coaches what happened and hope that she may make it based on her first two days of try outs. NO SUCH LUCK. She missed the final day of tryouts...and she didn't make it.
Poor kid. NO sports for at least 2 weeks and no volleyball. Period. I guess she had to experience not making the cut at some point, but I sure hate it for her. *sigh* And let me just tell you that not being able to run around is KILLING her.

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Pat said...

She will play volleyball next year. And I will love watching her.