Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sibling Love

Lately, Finn (8) and Stella (3) have had a hard time getting along.  Toys have been snatched, shoes have been thrown, words have been flung into the air recklessly.  Finn has made it clear, on more than one occasion, that he is tired of all the girls in this house and that he needs to be treated like a "big kid" who gets to make his own decisions.  Okay.  Point taken.  As long as love and respect are used in his need to take a stand for independence. 
In the meantime, Stella wonders what is going on with her "big brutha".  He has less patience than he used to.  He plays with her sometimes and sometimes he shuts his door in her face and tells her to go away.  And even though she knows how to get a quick reaction out of him when he's in a mood, she really just wants to be around him.  She wants to play what he plays, watch what he watches, go outside when he goes outside.  She even frantically tried to hop up on a skateboard the other day.  She was convinced she could catch up with him. 

So when he makes a demand for some Finn of females and younger kids...Stella has to come up with other interesting things to do.  While he's gone, she plays with his toys,  hangs out in  his room, and even wears his shoes.  (she also likes to sleep in his t shirts now!)

Trying to keep up with big brutha is a tiring job.  Apparently, she's got some big shoes to fill!!

(hang in there sweet stell. he will come around.  he just needs time to be a big boy. and he loves you very much!)


Daricia said...

that is so precious, suzy! they are both adorable.

Pat said...

Beautiful post. Beautiful children.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Ohh my this got me into tears. Things happen around here between Mac(11) and Jesse (14). Mac adores his big brother, but that one is pretty occupied by trying to find his new path as a teenager....

And yea we know things will come around...but how do we put that into there little sore hearts for now?

Love this post and picture Suzy.
Hugs Dagmar

kendalee said...

Oh, this really tugged at my heart strings Suzy. I see the same thing happening with my niece and nephew (she's 2, he's nearly 6) - she just adores him and wants to be wherever he is, doing whatever he does. Mostly he's great about it but sometimes he just needs some space and the bewilderment and hurt on her little face when he turns her away is heartbreaking.

I love this picture, it captures the story perfectly!

Monica said...

aww, sweet photo.

it's so hard to see siblings not getting along. but it often happens when the older one starts to grow past 7. that need for personal space to grow independently is so important.

i suppose it also helps the younger child become more self-sufficient, in regards to play.

as long as his needs are met, he ought to become calmer about it,not feeling he has to fight for the right. if he's given the space now, hopefully it'll be easier when the teenage years arrive. and hopefully he'll learn that he can have both space and his sister.

Jen Hunter said...

It is so hard to figure this out for them...just can't be done.

<3 that picture and botha them!