Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowy Days Around Here

While we are thrilled to have a couple of days off, I am really starting to worry about making these days up later!  I guess we should just enjoy the time and not worry about that right now!!

These two are so happy to be home!  They wanted snow so much that they slept in inside-out pjs, put spoons under their pillows AND made up their own snow dance!!  I guess it all paid off!!  We've had snow, freezing rain, sleet and ice. 

MEANWHILE...Hailey has been to the gym everyday in preparation for her gymnastics meet in Las Vegas!  She missed all of last week so I HAD to get her to the gym this week.  Driving has been pretty scary but we have managed so far. ( I am so excited about the trip to VEGAS though.  I can't wait to take pix out there!  )

Maddy is quite irritated by this weather because one of her basketball games was cancelled.  And she isn't real happy about Vegas either.  I have to miss one of her games while I'm there.  Plus she really wanted to go, too.  I sure wish I could take them all with me.  (I have never been away from Stella for 2 whole nights.  It makes me sick to think about it.  So I'm not gonna...for now anyway!)

Hope all of you out there are staying warm and enjoying this cold weather!
(i'm ready for spring!)

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