Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy 13th!

happy birthday
to my
fun lovin,
smart talkin,
basketball playin,
point scorin,
deep thinkin,
wake forest lovin,
good grades makin,
soccer playin,
goal makin,
Jesus lovin,
nail bitin
social butterflyin,

(I hope your day is as MAGICAL for you as your day of birth was for me!
I love you to the moon. 
 My life is soo much better with you in it!)


Pat said...

Precious Girl!!

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Happy Birthday to you and your 13 year old one. Hope you had a wonderful swell day.

Oh and she looks awsome...I'll show her off to my 14 year old...who plays basketball you see there's a link. What if they fall in love than we would finally have a huge thing to meet eachother LOL.
Hugs D.