Friday, September 16, 2011

MaddyMoo, Masha, Madge or Mooney Take your pick.

I love this little sassy punkin head.  I thought about her all day. 
She and I had an emotional day together yesterday. 

But while we were hanging out (all day) together, I kept thinking about how special she is and how much I LOVE her. I want to remember how awesome she is right now, at 13.5 years of age.

So here are some reasons:

1.  She still holds my hand in public.
2.  She's very compassionate (siblings excluded..hahaa).
3.  She has no idea how beautiful she is.
4.  She's very intelligent and still asks TONS of questions about EVERYTHING.
5.  She's freakishly intuitive and always has been.
6.  Not many people know this but the girl can sing.  REALLY well.  (she's in chorus right now and i know she secretly LOVES it.)
7.  When she was tiny, I called her baby Pocahontas.  She still looks like a Pocahontas princess to me.  (and my Granny LOVED her dark hair)
8.  She doesn't always like to take showers.  I have to force her in there sometimes.  And it cracks me up.
9.  Men love her.  I don't mean in the inappropriate way, I mean they tell me all the time how cool she is and that they want a daughter just like her. 
10.  She loves sports.  She defines herself as an athlete, and rightfully so.  Her coaches love her and always say that she is a natural leader headed for greatness. 
11.  She tells me everything.  Way more than I expect her to.
12.  She was sort of "saved" last year at soccer camp.  Religion is very important to her.
13.  She loves her family even more than she loves her friends.
14.  She LOVES her friends and has tons of them.
15.  She has a ridiculously high pain level tolerance.
 (I often think about what it will be like when my girls are in labor.  When Hailey is in so much pain she can't take it anymore, she will be at about her mother.  When Maddy is about to collapse from labor pains, they will tell her to push.)
16.  She is very brave.
17.  She knows the names of all professional basketball, football, and soccer players.
18.  She has a really loud laugh (just like Hailey and I do)
19.  She makes her Dad take her out for driving lessons...already. ( i refuse to cause i'm not THAT crazy)   Bless his heart.  Lord help us all when she's legal.
20.  She's growing up too fast, but she's still my brown eyed baby girl.

*heavy sigh*

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amy said...

That is so sweet....