Sunday, September 11, 2011


This is  a test to see if I can post from my phone.  I think it's working. 
So here is a week in review...all from my phone. 

First, Stella went back to school and LOVED it as usual.
So far, so good.

We went to Zada Jane's Friday night and it was so good
that I stuffed myself and felt sick for hours afterwards. 
They have a vegetarian quesadilla that has blackbeans, sweet potatoes, and pepper jack cheese. 
It's so good I can't stand it.

The skies were a lovely CAROLINA blue this week and weekend. 
 Hailey and I kept taking cloud pics WHILE we were driving down the road. 
(cause we ride down the road A LOT together.)

one of my favorite parts of the week was meeting my friend Lynn for coffee. 
We decided to write love notes to strangers and stick them in books and magazines at the book store.  It was so much fun. 
 We laughed a ton as we stuck these notes all over the place and tried not to get caught.

(we mostly chose books that we have read and LOVED to place kindness/encouraging notes inside. 
 and i had to stick a couple in INSTYLE and VOGUE reminding women that they are GREAT just the way they are...but the FUNNIEST note for me was the one I placed in a Wiccan book about potions or something. 
It said,
"Today, let all of your decisions be based on love and NOT fear." 
I figured if someone was gonna try to do some black magic, and then found that note,
 maybe he/she whould at least think about it first. 
Anyway, it was tons of fun.
Our hope is that someone will find a love note and smile a little.)

So there it is.  My week in review. 
Throw in the same old 3.5 hours a day in the car M-F
and 3 soccer games on the weekend...and there you have it.

( i would also like to add that i LOVE my iphone.  i mean LOVE.  i have had crappy phones forever...never had a really good one (or a new one for that matter. i got this one a couple of weeks ago  AND i love it love it love it. )


Amy said...

whatcha get? i got my new phone back in June and I love mine too. If I could get it to cook and due laundry I'd consider it perfect.

suzycm said...

it's an iphone. i was up for an upgrade and went for the iphone because of the photo apps. LOVE IT.