Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One Word Wednesday

Good gracious me. It's Wednesday already.

While everyone around here get's back to work, and homework,
Stella reads. 
She has decided to "read" this book until she's "finished." 
Not sure why she chose Deepak Chopra. 
But I sure hope she can gain some insight and share with the rest of us. 

(she's been on the same page for days but i ain't sayin a word.)

Side note:
Cute conversation in the car after Finn got out of school...after Finn hugged Stell and tried to make her laugh..etc.

Finn:  Mom, you know how Stella's name is really Estella?
Me:  Yep
Finn:  You know how Estella really means star?
Me:  Yep
Finn:  Well, I think she's really partly a star.  (he's being very serious.)
Me:  How do you figure?
Finn:  I mean I think she's part star and part human.
Me:  OK.  So why do you think that? 
Finn:  Becuase she's a warm and sparkly, beautiful person.  I think you picked the perfect name for her.

The boy made me cry.

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Pat said...

Whatever would we do without Finn and Stella. They're both stars.