Thursday, August 4, 2011

Getting Ready...

Hailey is getting really excited about her art classes at her new school this year.
She was told by a NWSA teacher that she should be drawing EVERY DAY this summer.
And she has been (minus camp last week in PA).
I will post more of her drawings later, if she will let me...
but what I have always loved
are the doodles and the stuff she does when she is just "messing around".
She usually uses really bright colors and puts TONS of details in everything.
I am always amazed at how much patience the kid has.
She likes collage a lot too.
Maddy, on the other hand, is very excited about school.
  But not nearly as much as she is about soccer.
  And volley ball.
And basketball.
  Here's what she has been "working on" (as in begging for) all summer long...

(I guess we can say her art is colorful too!! Get em girl.) 


Pat said...

Holy cow! These are magnificent! And the artwork isn't bad.

In case there's any doubt--this comment is intended as a joke. lol But the shoes are pretty darn awesome, too.

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that she has turtles in everything she draws. It is so her. It reminds me of our tin foil sculpture class and her little turtles. Tell her she is fantastic and I want to see her etsy shop someday!